Mum Guilt


We all suffer from Mum guilt.

Whether you are putting your kids into nursery and heading into work or juggling working at home with them or you're a stay at home Mum, it eats away at all of us!

The guilt is real and we all feel it, no matter what choices we make or have to make as Mums we always feel like we could be doing better, its exhasuting and it doesnt stop. The modern day pressures are real, the pressure to keep earning money for the expenses we all have which just keep rising is a constant pressure, keeping a lid on any stresses and mental health issues to keep up the pretense that 'its all ok!'. Social media is a wonderful but incredibly stressful tool if it takes over your brain and starts filling you with self doubt and anxiety it soon becomes a source of information for us to compare ourselves. "Compare is to dispair" I say, only negativity will come from this.

We are all so very different and you cant compare the two. Its another rabbit hole for the mum guilt too, 'how are they managing to do that and i cant?' 'how do they find time to do this?' 'I wish i didnt have to do this so i could do that with my kids'.... All we do is drive ourselves down and its not helpful. You are doing your best and you are doing what you need to for YOUR family. You have control of your brain and what you allow it to process what you choose, this is something I work at all the time. Stopping the constant chatter in my brain, mainly negative chatter. Practising being in the moment and being presnt means you cant feel anyway about the past and you cant worry about the future. When you find those blissful moments of being present its so empowering. Something I do now if im feeling anxious or stressed is feel my pulse, this grounds me immediately and is such a good way of bringing yourself into the present moment.

Just remeber, to compare is to dispair, you are doing your best. So stop, feel your pulse, enjoy that moment, even if its for a second and be Present.


Ibby xx


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